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About CUSP India

With an ever-growing population and deteriorating quality of life, but increasing public interest around civic improvement and urban planning issues, India stands on the cusp of a major transformation. We at CUSP India think this moment in time presents significant opportunities to improve the everyday life of around one-fifths of the world population that resides in India’s numerous settlements.

We believe that, if planned and pursued properly, purposeful design initiatives can help promote just, efficient and aesthetically pleasing places.

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Global Knowledges Workshop

Good design takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. We know that India faces many  innovation challenges. As India’s design community (comprising interior and landscape designers, architects, city planners, real-estate builders, project developers, industry partners and other creative minds), along with the student body in these fields, continues to grow exponentially, the importance of providing opportunities for continuing professional education cannot be understated.

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International Design Workshop

IDW aims to provide global exposure and cutting-edge knowledges to Indian architecture students by International scholars in different parts of the World. The workshops will involve around two weeks of intense engagement observing, visiting, and studying carefully-selected built and ongoing architecture and design projects in these global cities.

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Dr. Aseem Inam

In 2017, Aseem Inam was appointed Professor and Chair in Urban Design at Cardiff University in the UK. As Chair in Urban Design, Dr. Inam works across multiple disciplines: urban design, city planning, architecture, and geography. He plays a leadership role at the university. focusing on how design practices can be transformative at the urban scale. He is working on building international collaborations and global networks, including in Brazil, Canada, India, UK and USA.

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