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With an ever-growing population and deteriorating quality of life, but increasing public interest around civic improvement and urban planning issues, India stands on the cusp of a major transformation. We at CUSP India think this moment in time presents significant opportunities to improve the everyday life of around one-fifths of the world population that resides in India’s numerous settlements.

We believe that, if planned and pursued properly, purposeful design initiatives can help promote just, efficient and aesthetically pleasing places. We seek to do so by:

  1. Studying ongoing changes shaping India’s diverse human settlements, which represent a breath-taking panorama of rich regional traditions, unique local cultures and a huge variety of economic activity, social groups and urban forms.
  2. Identifying and promoting better planning and design practices than the past; with a special focus on advancing practical planning solution for Indian cities and exposing the ever growing number of college students and young professionals to cutting -edge knowledges and design work in different parts of the World.

Conceived as an inclusive venue, CUSP India seeks to bring together practical ideas, seasoned scholar-practitioners and committed volunteers interested in helping create sustainable places for everyone to live, work and play. You’re welcome to join us.



Many members of the CUSP India team are experienced scholars who study the design and developmental aspects of Indian and global cities.


We practice what we study along two critical dimensions of spatial design and building activity. This includes exposing students and young professionals to cutting edge knowledge and design work both in India and abroad and helping design and build a few select projects such as the development of a net-zero energy sustainable residential community on the actual ground.

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