Good design takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. We know that India faces many  innovation challenges. As India’s design community (comprising interior and landscape designers, architects, city planners, real-estate builders, project developers, industry partners and other creative minds), along with the student body in these fields, continues to grow exponentially, the importance of providing opportunities for continuing professional education cannot be understated.


The field of architecture, for example, has grown from around 40 institutes graduating about 1500 students in early 1990s to about 485 schools graduating about 25,000 students in 2015 while the opportunities for acquiring professional knowledges beyond the confines of a classroom have remained consistently absent (See Council of Architecture India’s annual report 2014-15 for a comprehensive overview of the current state). The same stands true for many other rapidly-growing fields like interior designing and real-estate development. GKW aims to address this gap by providing cutting-edge global knowledges around fundamental design issues of practical relevance to sensitive professionals and inquisitive students.


The Power of Design Concepts
GKW Surat
Science Center Auditorium, Surat
The Power of Design Concepts
GKW Pune
Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women, Pune
Power of Site Analysis
GKW Nagpur
Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture &Design Studies, Nagpur.
Designers and The 21st Century City
GKW Bangalore
School of Architecture, B.M.S College of Engineering. Bangalore
Focus: The Power of Design Concepts
GKW Jaipur
Jawahar Kala Kendra - Rangayan Theatre, Jaipur
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