Power of Site Analysis

Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture &Design Studies, Nagpur.

GKW Nagpur


CUSP India conducted GKW Nagpur with Association of IIID Nagpur Chapter. The event was hosted by Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture & Design Studies, Nagpur. This workshop  explained how a comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of the site can help architects and designers conceive a better design solution:

  • Explained the current state of global thinking on site analysis from a variety of perspectives including those from landscape architecture, spatial planning and design, and cultural studies.
  • Illustrated how understanding the site matters using local and regional case examples from different parts of the World including India. Explained the importance of topography and working with nature by illustrating the example of how designers employ sustainable solutions for a range of pressing design issues such as storm water management, spatial designing as well as groundwater recharge.
  • Helped participants develop their own critical understanding of meaningful site analysis,highlighting solutions that can help our buildings and urban areas function in smarter ways.   

Program Highlight: Understanding the site before conceiving design concept and developing architectural program can be both educative and empowering. This Global Knowledges Workshop (GKW) was led by Architect Vallari Talapatra, practicing landscape designer with over two decades-long professional experience based at Chicago, and moderated by Dr. Sanjeev Vidyarthi, professor of spatial planning and design at the University of Illinois, will focus upon the power of intelligent site analysis.  We also discussed how designers can harness site’s natural features and elements to conceive and pursue sustainable design solutions for exterior and interior spaces. Using an interactive format, the workshop  enabled participants to develop their own creative and critical thinking on the increasingly significant topic of site analysis.


29 - 30 th June, 2017. Priyadarshini Institute of Architecture &Design Studies, Nagpur.


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