The Power of Design Concepts

Science Center Auditorium, Surat

GKW Surat


CUSP India conducted GKW Surat with Association of IIID Surat Chapter.

Design concepts can be extremely powerful tools for coming up with ideas for projects,including in working with different audiences and clientele, fellow professionals and even public authorities.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Sanjeev Vidyarthi and led by Dr. Aseem Inam explaining the idea of design concept by revisiting how prominent designers have used this approach all over the world-- including India--to develop and implement meaningful designs.

Professors  also examined more closely just how to harness the power of design concepts to execute projects in politically savvy ways, using different examples and different concepts. Using an interactive format, the workshop enabled participants to develop their own creative and critical thinking on design concepts. Indeed, design concepts are often the “secret weapon” on successful projects.


2nd - 3rd  August, 2017


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